A Guaranteed Income Plan to Secure Your Life Goals in these Uncertain Times


The pandemic has created an air of uncertainty around us, making people more aware of unforeseen risks. In these unprecedented times, people are increasingly looking for financial products that provide a guaranteed income for meeting life goals, and at the same time, safeguarding their family’s future against any unforeseen events.

Keeping these insights in mind, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance launched a feature-rich guaranteed income insurance plan – Bajaj Allianz Life Flexi Income Goal to enable individuals to create a financial back-up for their family’s goals. This new-age life insurance plan comes with unique features like flexibility to receive or accumulate Survival Benefits including Cash Bonus*, Guaranteed Monthly Income and Guaranteed Benefit. In this plan, policyholders are given high flexibility to choose to receive Cash Bonus from 1st month on wards of the policy or accumulate the benefits for earning additional returns. Thus, making it one of the preferred guaranteed income plan to have when you are investing towards getting your family’s Life Goals, DONE.

Bajaj Allianz Life Flexi Income Goal plan comes in two variants – Income Benefit and Enhanced Benefit and offers several value-packed features. Under the Income Benefit, at the end of each policy year, policyholders shall receive a Cash Bonus which they can opt to take in monthly or in annual installments. Policyholders are also given the choice to receive this Cash Bonus from 1st month onwards of the policy. Another unique feature is that policyholders have an option to accumulate the Cash Bonus instead of receiving the pay-outs, thus empowering customers to receive a higher corpus through investment returns on the accumulated amount. Under the Enhanced Benefit variant, policyholder gets 50% of the Sum Assured as a lump sum amount at the end of the premium payment term with an option of accumulating the same.
Under both Income and Enhanced Benefit, from the end of the Premium Payment Term (PPT), Guaranteed Monthly Income (GMI) shall be payable every month till the end of the Policy Term which can be received as annual installments or be accumulated in the policy. If the policyholder chooses to accumulate the Cash Bonus and/or GMI/Guaranteed Benefit, instead of receiving it, policyholder will be entitled for Cash Value which will be total of Accumulated Cash Bonus and/or Accumulated GMI/Accumulated Guaranteed Lumpsum including investment return thereon.

Furthermore, keeping in mind longer life expectancy, the plan also provides life cover for a longer period till the age of 80, to serve the financial needs of the policyholder and his/her family in the later years. There are several additional features and flexibility built into Bajaj Allianz Life Flexi Income Goal such as a Joint Life Cover, Withdrawal of Cash Value, and other living benefits to help customers get their Life Goals, DONE. Customers can purchase this plan both online and offline, through the large network of Bajaj Allianz Life’s Insurance Consultants (Agents) and select bank partners.


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