Ancient Secrets 2019


Chennai 28th June 2019: Prince Jewellery unveiled its 20th edition of Ancient Secrets, an exhibition and sale celebrating Indian antique jewellery at its Cathedral Road Showroom, today. The exhibition and sale has come a long way since it was first opened at the Prince’s Spencer Plaza Showroom. Today ‘Ancient Secrets’ attracts both the young and the old to the showrooms and experience some of the vintage jewellery, which were once sought after. Ancient Secrets 2019 will witness an array of unique, rare collection from a bygone era and relish in pieces long forgotten from Chettinadu, Malabar and Travancore. God, Goddesses, Nature, animals, all formed part of the inspiration for the designs and a craftsmanship worth cherishing. “Prince Jewellery was the first in reviving the interest in antique jewellery through its annual event, when it was all but forgotten.

‘’Ancient Secrets’’, since 1999 has successfully completed two decades in Chennai,” said Joseph Prince, Director, Prince Jewellery. From ornaments for the head to rakodi and chutti, ear and neck pieces, Oodiyanam (waist belt) to bangles and bracelets, from all over India, Prince Jewellery has put together an enviable collection that connoisseurs will recognise for authenticity, intricacy and elegance. One of the highlight this year are the pendants with the theme of deities – Mahalakshmi, Ganesha, Shiva, Parvathi, Krishna – in gold with antique finish as well as engraved with precious stones such as ruby, emerald and uncut diamonds. Prince’s Ancient Secrets collection is not just the display of antique jewellery from a bygone era but the designs and craftsmanship which Prince has introduced embedding these traditional pieces into tasteful modern settings that will appeal to young and old alike.

For instance, rakodis, once a hair ornament, have been used as pendants; seven-stone studded ear pieces have been used to embellish necklaces; the traditional pambadam, thandatti and koppu too heavy to be worn as it is, have been converted to elegant jhumkhas. “Traditional jewels instantly create a feeling of emotional richness, and designs which are unique. Its awe inspiring to see and feel the craftsmanship of jewellery from that era”, says Princeson Jose, Founder, Prince Jewellery. For more information and to view the wonderful ancient jewellery visit Prince Jewellery, Cathedral Road, Chennai. For details contact 044 4203 6655.Showroom will be open on Sundays. Valet parking available.


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