Angelina Jolie to Executive Produce BBC News Show for Children


Angelina Jolie has joined an upcoming BBC current affairs show for children set to land in 2019. Our World, which Jolie will executive produce, will begin as a 10-episode weekly program aimed at promoting global media literacy among children aged 7-12. According to BBC-commissioned U.K. research, seven is the age that children become aware of the news and 12.6 is the average age a U.S. child signs up for a social media account, so the time between “represents a window to instill in children the value of asking questions and a chance to develop critical thinking.

“There has never been a time when it was more important to introduce the next generation to objective, impartial news and factual explanation of the events and issues shaping our world,” said Jolie. “Children today are exposed to a lot of opinion, but not necessarily to information that is fact-based and reliable.”Jolie added: “As a mother, I am very pleased that the BBC World Service is taking this step. It is also important to me that the project is global, and will help young people in different countries to be connected to each other and to have greater awareness and understanding of the news on an international basis.”This project aims to be global in scope, engaging children from Argentina to Zimbabwe. It will kick off with an English version but the BBC will seek production partners to expand programming into multiple languages.