Predominance of online Retailer giants’ supressing the local retailers made this budding entrepreneur and elite innovator Prathapraj to come up with a solution. An online platform for all the small to top retail outlets.  Prathapraj, founder of CTONSHOP mobile app is aPost graduate in M.Des from National Institute of Design Ahmedabad.He worked in Top MNC IT Company for the past 10 years understanding human need and providing solutions by using technology as a user experience designer.

Years of researching about retail outlets growth in India, left him wondering about the retail outlets in the locality. Interacting with the shop owners and observing their return of investment, visibility, their marketing techniques, competition, the lack of not able to reach the customers and the domination of online retail giants led him to come up with a solution. A mobile application for all the retail shops to get aboard freely on one platform, from local shops, cart shops, small businesses, including top retail outlets. To sum it up, a Digital Open Market for All Shops.

CTONSHOP (COME TO OUR NEIGHBOUR SHOPS) a purely self-funded project is a perfect solution to the Indian retail shops. Sooner they will besetting upa delivery system for the neighbour shops. Giving you a perfect shopping experience from home.

CTONSHOP app has room for All Shops, Cart Shops, small businesses, Indian products, Women’s Self-help groups, home based businesses, Craftand Skilled works, even farmers get to connect directly with agricultural brands and much more. Not only that, the registered shops will also be treated with other benefits like getting help with business loan, Shop insurance, and they can Avail for Shop MSME registration, and can get help with Shop tax filing etc. For this all they have to do is to just click a picture of their shops, their products and register with basic information.  This app will help you gain investors’ attention to extend the efforts throughout India.

Customerseasily get to find the shops of their choice, see the ratings, reviews which triggers interest in selecting the shops in their neighbourhood. The founder is also aiming to introduce CTONSHOP card which can be used in any local or large retail outlets to get offers, discounts. This applicationaims at getting people out from website shopping experience and give them the feel of the local markets. This app will create a complete family shopping experience.

The application will soonbe established internationally, CTONSHOP plans to take the Indian products to the international markets as well. This application is aiming to not only help the local shops and supermarkets, but its working towards the growth of our country.

Our Country! Our Shops! Our Pride!


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