Destiny is now partner with Sudeekshafor greater visions and achieving greater impacts


Destiny and Sudeeksha Group had a meeting for the past one week with the broad vision to improve a millions of Indians, education wise and career wise.

Expecting a great revolution of education in India, both Destiny & Sudeeksha Group had officially signed a partnership on Thursday 8th July 2021, in Bangalore, with greater visions for achieving greater impacts.

Destiny is one of the emerging Ed-tech companies in India providing online classes and a personalized E-learning platform for school students. It has transformed more than 2 lakhs students in the past 6years. Destiny Backed up with four young and enthusiastic team of board of Directors Mr.Rahul Chandrasekar, Mr.Mohammed Zakriya, Mr.Manikandan & Mr.Manoj Kumar. Destiny has now partnered with Sudeeksha Group.

Sudeeksha Group is a conglomerate of fifteen companies diversified into Healthcare, Pharmacy Manufacturing, Retail Pharmacy, Diagnostics, Entertainment, Aviation, Dairy Farming, Information Technology, Infrastructure and more. Chairman & Managing Director of Sudeeksha Group of Companies, Dr.Subramanyam Sharma, Grandson of Late Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (Former President of India) and Dr.V.V.Giri (Former Vice- President of India) lead Sudeeksha Group is Multi Billionaire Company.


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