Digital Economy Fast Catching Up in India


Digital technology has brought in enormous changes in the life of the people across the world and India is fast catching up on that count, said Dr C Velan, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, TRIL Infopark Ltd (Ramanujan IT City) while inaugurating the 3rd edition of FICCI’s DT3 Digital Disruption & Transformation Summit 2018 on the theme Automation and Digital Opportunities on 13th December 2018 in Chennai. Stating that digital disruption is the need of the hour, he said it can help accelerate the country’s economic growth in so many ways in that all stakeholders have a greater say in the use of digital technology to its fullest extent. Velan said that the realty sector had gained a lot after the use of digital technology which was not so some 10 years ago as the sector was disorganised at that point in time.

Calling for skill development even while using the digital technology, he said the country’s infrastructure development depended heavily on automation and other technological innovations happening from time to time. In his theme address, Rajaram Venkataraman, Convenor, TechnologyPanel, FICCI TNSC & CEO, Veltech TBI and founder of Naviyainsights  said that automation has taken over the physical and virtual worlds adding new value to human life in all possible ways. He said that digital workforce has huge opportunities and India is all set to become the automation capital of the world and the time has come for us to reinvent our strategies to achieve that goal. K Dinesh, Co-founder, Infosys, in his keynote address, said that digital technology has the power to change the future as the world is moving from information age to intuition age.

He said the technology has made the world flat and it is also very pervasive in nature in that there is a possibility of using the technology to edit human genes also.He also said that digital technology has made things possible for creation of more jobs, mostly skilled ones in various domains and industries, both in India and abroad. Recalling his association with Infosys as one of its founders, he said that the foresight and wisdom the founders had at the time of the ITcompany’s launch had paid rich dividends over a period of time. Sara Greengrass, Political/Economic Adviser, US Consulate, Chennai, said that the US and India always worked towards shaping the 21st century, all for the betterment of the people of both the nations, in the field of science and technology.


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