Discover the world of Anglo-Indian Cuisine


Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai is conducting an Anglo Indian Food Festival at its restaurant Salt.Co.531.Award winning famous Anglo Indian Chef Bridget White Kumar has guided and shared her cooking style with the chefs of GRT Hotel to cook a variety of delicious Anglo-Indian dishes at the Ministry of Chutneys.

The special dishes on the menu from this festival includes namely, Anglo Indian chicken and vegetable Broth – The Army camp soup, Chicken ding-ding,Yam Ding-Ding, Fish croquettes, Mixed  vegetable croquettes, Nana’s bobo pepper fry – chicken pepper fry, Anglo Indian prawn vindaloo, Anglo Indian pork devil fry, Mutton mince ball curry, Brinjal vindaloo, Cottage cheese and vegetable jalfrazie, Butter fry cauliflower, Anglo Indian coconut rice, Devil chutney – hell’s flame chutney, Grandma’s  milk pudding and Colonial steamed ginger  and much more will also be served.

The pop-up restaurant will open for dinner till 15 December 2019 at Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai. To enjoy a fest of delicious Anglo-Indian food come to Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai, No-531, GST Road, St.Thomas Mount, Chennai and have fabulous dinner. For more details contact +91 44 22310101.

                                                    – By Elwyn


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