Enhancing learning skills and addressing behaviour issues


J.Kannan (Psychotherapist and resident of New No: 9, Old No: 4, Ground floor, Thamirabarani Street, Barath Nagar, Adambakkam) is providing counselling and workshops to the students for the past several years.He is expert in councelling for Students, teenagers and family related issues.He also a traditionalistic life coach, NLP practitioner, experiential trainer, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT), Foot Reflexologies, Bach Therapist and expertise in Stress Relief, Pain Relief and Anger Management Therapies.

Kannan said that Students counselling primarily on enhancing learning skills and addressing behaviour issues. Teen counselling for major adolescent issues, infatuation, agitation and helping in goal setting. Stress relief therapy would be administered based on the specific symptoms, he added.


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