Harmony of hooves


Chettinadu – a region well known throughout the world comprises of villages and towns of certain parts of south Tamil Nadu. Along with Asian architecture one could find the influence of European style in this region.’Nemam’ a village in Chettinadu is where Pandiselvam was born in the year 1985. Since he grew up and lived in the towns and villages of Chettinadu like ‘Nemam’ and ‘Sirukoodalpatti’, ‘karaikudi’, PandiSelvan’s attention naturally moved towards paintings.Unlike the adventurous sports like ‘jallikattu ‘and ‘manju virattu’ the aesthetic sense of Chettinadu is reflected in their celebration of adorning the cows with decorations. Pandiselvam himself frequently got involved in such events and celebrations.

He completed his undergraduate in Chennai Arts school, where he trained himself to capture the movements of cows with acrylic paints and water colours.When Pandiselvam joined in Chennai college of Fine arts for his post graduate ,he analysed various features of different types of cows and deduced that at present , local breed varieties are bred for leather and  meat. And through his painting he expressed his critical analysis.Pandiselvam’s acrylic paintings depict cows as a visual language to speak and question the fundamental cultural ethics.


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