India Green and Wild Campaign at Vana Vani School


India Green and Wild campaign is the biggest nationwide campaign happened on 19th January 2019, in 50 cities of India.  In this campaign 3 schools from Chennai are participating at 9 am. The students will be forming human chain around the schools, singing slogans to spread the awareness on environment in the general public. Vana Vani School, located inside the serene IIT campus, kicked off the IGW campaign in a grand way. It was very apt since the schools name itself means “forest”. About a 150 children, both boys and girls, assembled with their beautifully hand created posters by 9.40 am.

They were addressed by their Principal Ms Padmanabhan. Ms Padmanabhan told them that this was not a one time event but that they should stand by the values they depicted on their posters throughout their life. At 10 am, the children set out on a march of 5 + kms with their posters all the while enthusiastically shouting slogans like ” Big or small, Earth is for all” “One solution: Stop pollution!” “Go green, keep our environment clean!” ! The slogan “Make India Green & Wild” rent the air over and over again!!! Many passers by stopped and watched, listened and took pictures too! The children formed a human circle with their posters before concluding the event.

The event was very well coordinated by Ms Akila Muttan from the school. Ms Githanjali, who heads the schools Eco club called “Greendom” was a great support along with other teachers who marched along. All in all, a great show! Well done, Eco Warriors of Vana Vani! You do India Green & Wild proud!


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