Interested in Promoting Peace and Unity


Meet Agnes Lokre from Chennai. She is interested in promoting peace and unity in India and across the globe through her kind humanitarian services with Human Rights Protection Mission. Agnes did her schooling at St. Francis Xavier School, Bangalore. After her studies she had worked in St.John Medical College, Bangalore in the Department of Surgery and Medicine. During her stay in U.A.E she had worked in U.A.E. for the Etisalat Yellow pages. Agnes had received good appreciation and also won awards for her job well done in the field of sales, advertising and marketing.

Today 77 years old Agnes is still on the move to make India peaceful. She works with ?ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and Max Bupa Health Insurance as advisor. She knows and speaks several important languages and also sings in Church choir. Besides Agnes is a good guitar player. Agnes gives valuable information and talks about the benefits of having an insurance policy to all her friends. Agnes Lokre is a patriotic and kind hearted service minded person who like to bring up the lives of the poor and downtrodden. She visits senior citizens homes and has an aim of building up the society with love, peace and joy. Agnes Lokre, Director Events, United Anglo-Indian Congress and Human Rights Protection Mission, Family Councilor, Tamil Nadu State can be contacted on 9892175380


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