Main intention of Traffic Park project is to improve safety awareness


Traffic parks are attractions created for the people, especially children, to promote the awareness on road safety and traffic with loads of fun. Typically, traffic parks are scaled-down versions of real street networks, with the lane and street-width proportional to the smaller vehicles. Often they include operating traffic signals & during busy times are even staffed with traffic police. One of the intentions of the traffic park is to improve awareness of traffic safety among school-aged children.

Many traffic parks enable children to gain hands-on experience crossing streets alone and with another pedestrian or a bicycle to demonstrate the safety challenges in a highly controlled environment devoid of actual motor vehicles. Greater Chennai Corporation has green signaled the Traffic Park project near Napier Bridge in Kamarajar Salai Zone IX. This park is spread across 4140 sqm. which includes a traffic track with all real-time traffic components. The project has now been completed.


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