More than 100 Doctors from over 35 hospitals come together for dance video


• Physicians and medical staff from Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu dance to drive away COVID-19 stress
• They came together online with one common goal and mission
• “Be the hope, Together we can, Together we will, Because we care”, doctors say

Chennai, May 20:
India, with a huge population of 1.38 billion, is facing a daunting task of fighting this battle against COVID 19 and it is certainly rewriting human history. The number of people getting infected is on the rise with current figure of over 96,000 in India and 3,029 have lost their lives, including doctors and many other health professionals. The world is looking at a calamity, worse than a world war and with no end in sight.
Mental health problems are likely to increase exponentially amongst health care workers as the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) deepens. It is shaking the entire health establishment of the world. Imagine the plight of COVID warriors who are directly involved in the care of the patients battling for life.
Doctors and other health practitioners are frontline warriors of COVID battle and it’s very important that they maintain good mental health to fight this war. To boost the morale and raise the spirit of fellow doctors and health care workers fighting in the frontline against COVID-19, a beautiful initiative was taken by Dr T Deepashree, Dr Sai Surender and Dr K Meena to bring together more than 100 doctors from over 35 different hospitals in Tamil Nadu especially from Chennai.
They came together with one common goal and mission and they say “Be the hope, Together we can, Together we will, Because we care” and dedicate a video dancing away the troubles with some music on.
The music video titled ‘Tamil Nadu doctors beat COVID-19 Blues’ which was released as a part of the ‘Be the Hope’ initiative, features several healthcare professionals who can be seen breaking into a jig and shaking a leg as they sing along with ‘All is Well’ and ‘Don’t Worry, Be happy’, and a mash-up of songs.
This has certainly brought all the health care workers together under one umbrella of unity and that is the way forward to fight this pandemic with good mental health. The video can be viewed at


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