‘Peri-Peri’ Flavored Nacho Crisps by Cornitos


Bid adieu to the fall season and welcome New Yearon a chili adventure with‘PeriPeri’ flavoredNacho Crisps by India’s No 1 Nachos Brand Cornitos.‘PeriPeri’ the popular raging flavor perfectly adds the exotic fiery delight to the consumer’s snack time. The spicy chili flavor has become an international rage and with this offering Cornitos is keen to lure snack lovers into a journey of global taste.

The tantalizing sharp taste of Cornitos ‘PeriPeri’ nacho crisps is a great combination of African Red Chili, Herbs and Tangy lemon flavors. ‘PeriPeri’ experience is a burst of delicious tangy flavor in your mouth, that it leads you to add ‘spice’ to any moment and make it fun!PeriPeri Nacho Crisps is a healthy snack as it is Gluten Free, Zero Cholesterol, Zero Transfat and cooked/baked using healthier Corn oil. So, add a new spice to the occasion with Peri-Peri Nacho Crisps by Cornitos! Price: Available in 30g Pack for Rs 20/-, 60g Pack for Rs 35/-, 70g Nacho Tray with DipPack for Rs60/- and 150g Packfor Rs 85/-.Availability: – It is available all across the Retail, E-Retail and Modern Trade stores.


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