The Chennai Dastkar Bazaar to be held from 22nd November – 1st December 2019  at Co-optex Exhibition Ground, 350 Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008. Dastkar is known countrywide to exhibit the most authentic craft practices at its Bazaars

The CHENNAI DASTKAR BAZAAR will offer a wide range of lifestyle accessories, silver jewellery and adornments, handcrafted and eco conscious clothing, metal crafts, wood carvings and & ornaments, pottery & ceramics, basketry & fiber crafts, leather products, traditional paintings, a variety of hand-woven, embroidery, block printed textiles, and much more from every corner of the country.


DATE: 22nd November – 1st December 2019

TIMINGS: 11a.m. to 8p.m.    .

VENUE: Co-optex Exhibition Ground, 350 Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai – 600008     

ENTRY: Rs. 20/-

A wide range of crafts will be at display. These are as listed below:

East India:

West Bengal – Kantha, Sea Shell Craft, Dhokra, Handloom Weaves, Brass work, Jamdani Weaves, Golden Grass

Odisha – Sabai Grass Weaving, Pattachitra, Ikat

Bihar – Madhubani Painting, Silk and Tussar Weaves

Manipur – Reed Fibre Products

Jharkhand – Herbal Beauty Products

West India:

Rajasthan – Recycled Fabric, Leather Footwear, Blue Pottery, Urmul Weaves, Dabu and Bagru Printing, Indigo Block Printing, Bandhani, Shibori, Phad Painting, Rajasthani Puppets, Applique Work, Khadi Weaves, Embroideries from Rajasthan

Gujarat – Bhujodi Weaves, Wool Weaves, Metal Work

Maharashtra – Glass work decoratives, Jewelry, Clay Items

North India: 

Jammu Kashmir – Sozni Embroideries

Uttar Pradesh – Sarkanda Glass Work, Shibori, Khurja Pottery

Haryana – Leather Footwear

Delhi –  Wood Carved Blocks

South India:

Andhra Pradesh – Ikat, Leather Puppet, Kalamkari, Mangalgiri, Wood Work

Karnataka – Khadi and Cotton Weaving, Metal and Thread Work, Lacquer Wood Work, Lambani Embroidery

Pondicherry – Ceramic Pottery

Telangana – Handloom Weaving & Natural Dye

Central India:

Madhya Pradesh – Chanderi Weaving, Gond Painting, Maheshwari Weaving, Date Palm Fibre

Plus Dry Fruits from Afghanistan.


Started in 1981, Dastkar affects the lives of more than 1 lakh artisans every year working with over 750 crafts groups across 25 India States. We strongly believe in crafts as catalytic tool for social and economic empowerment and earning. Dastkar’s role is to help craftspeople find the opportunity, confidence & resources to become self-sufficient. Our Bazaars and Exhibitions provide craftspeople with exposure and direct interaction with the urban customers, enabling them to gauge market trends and customer demands for themselves.


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