The Fearless Run – A 3K Midnight Run with Milind Soman


United Sisters Foundation organised a novel event in Chennai, the Fearless Run – A 3K Midnight Run with Milind Soman at Besant Nagar. One of the most common concerns women across the globe have while stepping out to run or exercise is safety. Around 120 women participated in the fearless midnight run to prove their solidarity and showcase their ‘fearless’ nature by running together at midnight. This was their way of reclaiming their space and owning the roads. The run demonstrated passion for a healthy lifestyle, love for freedom and respect towards one’s body.

Every woman who becomes a part of the Fearless Run, learns that all spaces are theirs to be claimed and it is time to forego the stereotype of a woman being confined to the indoors after dark. If appropriate precautions are taken on a personal level, there are no spaces that cannot be explored, no avenue that cannot be touched, and no one that can be stopped from exercising their free will.With this step of the Fearless Run, this picture of women standing their ground permeates through society and this restriction of not being allowed to move freely after midnight is quashed.

At the flag-off, Pinkathon Mentor Milind Soman highlighted the importance of being careful while being fearless and reaching out to support groups like the police, where required. He further said “We have organised the Fearless Midnight 3 kms run for the third time in Chennai. I am delighted with the overwhelming response from women. Great support was provided from the Chennai Police to provide security and to ensure that the girls could run fearlessly. For too long women everywhere have been asked to conform to society’s narrow views of dos and don’ts, behaviour, dress and timing. Any woman seen out after a time is immediately judged and stereotyped. Sometimes they are punished. This happens in every village, every town, and every city. Women have an equal right to be whereever they want, at whatever time they choose to and however, they may choose to dress. FEARLESS is an endeavour to get women to make a strong statement about their right to reclaim spaces.FEARLESS is not a protest, it is a statement of fact, a call to solidarity. Women run, walk and celebrate themselves and reclaim the night in a strong statement of affirmation of who they are, and what they must do, to feel safe and secure. FEARLESS is the platform we have created for them to exercise this choice.



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