Wipro Consumer Care launches Softouch 2X fabric conditioner


Strengthening its portfolio in the fabric care segment, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting has launched a new fabric conditioner – Softouch 2X in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is a unique formulation based on an encapsulated technology for long-lasting fragrance release with 2X French perfume. Inspired by French perfume, Softouch 2X offers the fragrance, colour, shine and softness of a premium fabric conditioner.

Delivering on the promise of two times the fragrance and longer lasting than a perfume, the fragrance is released in bursts when the clothes touch one’s skin, making them feel fresh and comfortable all-day long. Softouch 2X is available in four cost effective variations – 18ml, 220ml, 400ml, 800ml and 1600ml.Mr. S Prasanna Rai, Vice-President, Marketing, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, said “Fragrance is the primary benefit and delight sought by the consumers of fabric softeners. Softouch 2X inspired by the exotic French perfume, aims to address this need and provide a premium sensorial experience.”

Introduced in 2018, Softouch fabric conditioner has become a success in Southern markets. Softouch 2X comes in an all new attractive packaging design and double the perfume dosage. With notes of French Rose, Jasmine, sweetness of Cotton candy, Vanilla and Patchouli, Softouch 2X fabric conditioner offers an environmental-friendly formulation that does not use any harmful chemicals, ensuring no damage to the fabric. Softouch 2X launch is supported by a 360-degree marketing plan including a new TVC, in-store activation, outdoor and digital programs.


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