XgenPlus enables email to email audio and video calls


● Xgen Say app can allow communication across the organisation without exchanging phone numbers.

Chennai September23rd, 2019: Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd, leading enterprise communication IT Company, today announced the launch of its new offer- Xgen Say which provides users voice and video calls among them. The Xgen Say is an indigenously developed internet phone or Voice Over IP phone (VoIP) and the users simply need a valid email address and they will be able to communicate across the organisation without revealing or exchanging your mobile / phone numbers.

Announcing the launch, Founder and CEO of Data Xgen Technologies Dr Ajay Data said, “Our primary concern was to provide a secure solution for the calls. Avoiding call hacking was taken care of by making all calls encrypted. This offers secure calls end to end ensuring privacy and secrecy or Data. Xgen Say is the name of the service, which is available as part of Xgen Email platform or as a separate service.

To avail the offer the users simply need an email address instead of a phone number. Other key features include high definition audio and video calls, audio conference calls with various participants, Xgen IM/Chat Integration.

“Moreover, Xgen Say accounts reachable at any time, even if the app is closed and it is highly secure communication. We have ensured compliant with a SIP-compatible phones , that enables to even have a fixed phone at home and office while app on mobile. So one can technically be present at multiple locations and attend the call at any location. Dr Data added.

Xgen Say App can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple app Store. So it works across the operating systems and across all kind of IOS and Android devices.

The users of DataMail can also use these apps freely and logon into Xgen Say with DataMail email id. This capability allows anyone to use Xgen Say apps and start talking as anyone can take email address free with DataMail app.

About Data XGen Technologies Pvt Ltd
Founded in 2010, Data Xgen technologies Pvt Ltd. is a group company of Data Infosys Ltd. It is one of the largest Enterprise Email Management Solution Provider worldwide. It offers XgenPlus, an enterprise email server, which provides secure unified communications, such as email, transactional emails, push mail, group emails, chat, SMS, e-marketing, and faxing at one place. Data XGen Technologies continues to innovate and aims be a global leader in the email market-place by being a premium next-generation email platform and to serve the entire spectrum of organizations – from small businesses to the enterprise a secure and affordable platform


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