BARBEQUE NATION presents ‘MOPLAH Food Festival – A Culinary Fiesta from THE MALABAR


Barbeque Nation, India’s leading casual dining restaurant chain, has launched, ‘Moplah Food Festival’, offering a magnificent range of delicacies from the Malabar region of north Kerala. This is by far, the biggest tribute to authentic Moplah cookery, outside Kerala. Diners can delve into the unique flavors and traditional recipes that find their roots, several centuries into the past, when Arab merchants frequented the northern coast of Kerala for spice trade, leaving behind their rich cultural and culinary impression in the region. The local populace assimilated some of these into their own traditions, which has over a very long period of time developed into the delectable and distinctive Malabar cuisine that we enjoy today.

Some of these unique recipes and preparations are attributed to the Moplah community of the region, giving the festival its name and theme. In order to offer diners a feel of the Malabar region while they enjoy their meal, the ambience at the restaurant has been set to hold Kalaripayattu weapons and the Daff, a percussion instrument, used in Duffmuttu, an art form prevalent in the Malabar region of Kerala. Other aspects include, a projection of Oppana, which is a popular form of social entertainment among the Mappila community, Kathakali and Bharatanatyam, that are major forms of classical Indian dance, popular in the region.

MENU- The festival brings to the table, a spread of lip-smacking preparations, such as, Mutton Alisa, Meen Pulichadhu, Malabar Chicken Biriyani, Kerala Avial, among others. The dessert section offers the amazingly delicious Elaneer Payasam, apart from all the signature desserts that Barbeque Nation offers. DATE- 12th March- 24th March 2019 available during Lunch & Dinner throughout the week at Chennai & Bangalore Barbeque Nation restaurants.


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