The journey towards greatness is laced with sacrifices. Some sacrifices are Preempt, some are happy to make and some creep in. The vision for what required creating meant working around the clock, travelling like a vega bond, not having a shoulder to cry on.

No one can prepare for these situations, these are scary emotions but prevail when channeling your fears into empathy, and trust your instincts and passion to guide.

Fuel that energy into ambition and push yourself harder, forgive people, grow a thick skin and navigate with confidence and empathy-not fear or anger. The journey can be lonely and people may leave you, so get comfortable with solitude and the possibility of failure which is never the end but an opportunity to learn. Support and empower other women around you. Our society can move forward faster if you are inclusive and you provide women and girls the tools and the platform to be able to raise their hand and ask for what they deserve.

Ways to Deal ;

Believe Yourself personally and Understands the power of your own voice which is fearless.
Being True and relevant is an extremely important aspect for being powerful, the existence and importance of having a voice are crucial in this world.
There is nothing like ‘No Fear ‘ – but being fearless is knowing it , fighting it and not going down
There is always a choice to engage with fear personally , so get trained to confront it, fearlessness is the courage of conviction.
Mindset shift to get past your fears, to acknowledge it to urself and take action(s) to overcome it.
Always Push Yourself, Magic happens , being fearless is about understanding the challenges and pushing the boundaries while striking the right balance.
Visualise all hurdles not just clearing it, but flying over it with the strength of faith to carry it
Conquer self- doubt to become fearless
Face the fears , which keeps you from realising your inner potentials
Knowledge is one of the most important elements of hip – hop – be fearless in seeking it.
To become strong, understand and embrace your vulnerabilities
The one thing that distinguishes strong powerful and fearless women is self belief. We have a lovely word for it in Hindi : aatma – vishwas – self belief stemming from the soul.
Love , Light and Happiness and a very happy bravery lovely wishes throughout to all women in the world.

Dr P Nagaraj PT Ph.D, FRHS
Chennai Social Activist
Neuro Science Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Lifestyle Consultant


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