#ChoosetoChallenge Yourself to Embrace a Healthy Change, this Women’s Day with Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital


A woman passes many milestones throughout her life and her health should stay top-of-mind every step of the way. International Woman’s Day is the perfect time to think about how women can keep their minds and bodies healthy because, Healthy is Fearless whether it’s a new mom navigating Mom-hood with her day-old daughter or a woman in her golden years with a lot of life yet to live. The year 2021 comes as an opportunity to celebrate women who’ve made history and continue to champion change, Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital announces the “WOMEN WONDERS” campaign, aiming women of all age group to share the stories of inspiring women in their lives. They can upload the videos from 5th March onwards to 11th March on their social media pages and tag @Apollo Cradle or even visit the centre to stick post these messages. The best videos and messages will get featured on Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital social media platforms. The objective of this initiative is to encourage the spirit of women who with their acts of courage and determination, have played an important role amidst pandemic.

Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital also providing special off of 50% on Breast/Gynec scan and PAP Smear Test along with free consultations. In addition, all the women visiting Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital centres can have a photo-shoot and post their photos online and tag @Apollo Cradle. Their small achievements and participation in a fun photoshoot can make them win exciting gift vouchers besides a free consultation at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital Delhi/ Bangalore/Amritsar. If you are at Bangalore, Amritsar and Delhi on Woman’s Day, then no other place to head except to Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital.

Date: 05th to 11th March 2021
Venue: Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital Centres- Bangalore, Amritsar and Delhi
For More details, Call: 1800 500 4424


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