God’s Gift Foundation, a saviour for orphaned mentally disabled children


People with special needs have to be cared for very attentively and patiently. It requires a lot of physical and mental effort. The individuals or organisations doing this great task must be recognised and respected by all in society.

God’s Gift Foundation is an organisation founded in 2010, which works towards the cause of protecting and uplifting the lives of orphaned mentally challenged people. They provide food, shelter, education and bear medical expenses for such people. In addition, they also provide vocation training to empower the mentally challenged adults. Currently, they house about 60-70 people (including children) with special needs at their organisation in Redhills, Thiruvallur district.

The foundation has been doing a crowdfunding campaign with Milaap to raise funds. The campaign is based on the agenda of providing better lives for mentally retarded people. Specifically, the organisation wants to help 100+ mentally challenged people. The Foundation aims to supply education, medical supplies, food etc. at free of cost to these people to have a better chance at living their lives.

The campaign is also aiming to build a hostel or a shelter for people with special needs and work towards the upliftment of their lives. Prasad Sundararajan the director of the foundation stated “We are planning to slowly expand this honourable work in other cities and villages throughout Tamilnadu. We aim to significantly impact the lives of the mentally challenged. A crowdfunding campaign is a good option for us to raise funds online. This will help us reach more numbers of individuals.”


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