Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), Freemasons Lodge Accountants No.194 and TANKER Foundation inaugurated the new Free Dialysis Unit on Saturday 11th July 2020  at “The Urban Community Health Centre, at Zone -15-796, VOC Street, East Coast Road, Injambakkam, Chennai.

The Unit was inaugurated by Shri. G. Prakash IAS, Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation and Shri V G Madhusudan Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of South India and Shri. Madhusudhan Reddy, IAS, Joint Commissioner, Health, Greater Chennai Corporation. Mr. Prakash said that he was very happy to be part of a collaboration with the Freemasons Lodge Accountants 194 and TANKER Foundation and requested more such organisations to come forward to partner with the Corporation. Mr.V G Madhusudan said that this was a dream come true for the Freemasons Lodge Accountants194 as it was part of their Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Mrs.Latha Kumaraswami highlighted TANKER’s activities and said that so far TANKER has done over 3.5 Lakhs dialysis through its 9 dialysis Centres and this would be the 10th unit. The Injambakkam dialysis unit was the 5th one with the Greater Chennai Corporation and thanked the GCC,the CMCHIS,and the Freemasons Lodge Accountants 194 spearheaded by Mr.R Venkatesan and Mr.MK Rangaswamy and team who had raised Rs.1 Crore for this project. She especially thanked all the TANKER staff,GCC staff for their commitment and dedication. Joint Commissioner Mr.Madhusudhana Reddy was very appreciative of the Freemasons and their dedication to the cause and said that there were more units to be opened as the need for dialysis was increasing due to the increase in Chronic Kidney Disease. Freemason Mr.Venkatesan thanked everyone especially the Media and said that they would definitely do more projects with the Greater Chennai Corporation.

This is a joint effort of the Greater Chennai Corporation which has provided the infrastructure, and Freemasons Lodge Accountants No.194 through its charitable Trust, Lodge Accountants Charitable Trust which has equipped this Dialysis Centre with 10 Dialysis Machines and all medical equipment and accessories to a tune of Rs. 1 Crore and the TANKER Foundation which will be managing and running the unit. This is the 10th dialysis unit which will be run by TANKER Foundation. This project is part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Freemasons Lodge Accountants No.194 established under the banner of The Grand Lodge of India and part of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.Almost 2.5 lakh people die of kidney failure in India every year. It is the third-largest killer after malignancy and heart disease. Millions suffer from some form of kidney disease and many of them, particularly in India cannot afford the cost of treatment or care.
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