Keep elephant Chinna Thambi in his natural forest home


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals India had send off a letter to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department to add its voice to those urging him to keep the elephant Chinna Thambi in his natural forest home and employ only humane, scientific methods to protect crops and villages or to translocate him to another forested area if necessary.

The group also requested that the state government issue guidelines regarding the adoption of effective, compassionate methods for dealing with human-elephant conflicts  including appropriate urban planning that protects or restores forestland  and advised that African farmers have successfully kept elephants away from crops by planting chillies (which can be harvested and sold) around farm perimeters. Last week, in relation to a Public Interest Litigation, the Madras High Court advised that Chinna Thambi not be subjected to any physical discomfort. It also expressed concern that earth movers are being used to lift tranquilised, captured elephants and that Chinna Thambi previously sustained injuries, including broken tusks, during his capture and failed translocation.


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