Madras Dyslexia Association social media campaign-#DyslexiaOnDisplay to create awareness about Dyslexia


Dyslexia is called a hidden learning disorder. In a lot of cases, the signs of dyslexia go ignored. Undiagnosed dyslexia is not only stressful for kids but even the parents think that their child is not trying hard enough. Even the schools are not equipped to identify the signs. The stigma associated with the condition adds to the problem. In order to create awareness and increase acceptance about dyslexia, MDA has started an interesting campaign – #DyslexiaOnDisplay.

The campaign went viral instantly. MDA was definitely able to put #DyslexiaOnDisplay. You can also help put #DyslexiaOnDisplay by just changing your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram account name using the Dyslexic Name Generator and show the struggles of a dyslexic child to the world. Join the initiative here:

The solution was two-fold.

Firstly, they targeted parents who were searching for tips on Google to help their children write and read better and showed them ‘dyslexic search ads’.

These ads showed them the common mistakes that a dyslexic child makes and encouraged them to visit the MDA website to know more. Once on the website, parents were informed about dyslexia in detail and shown ways to tackle it.

Secondly, they created a Dyslexic Name Generator. A fun tool that jumbles up your name in a way a dyslexic child would write it. Users were asked to put this name as their Twitter handle name, thus increasing acceptance around dyslexia.

About MDA:

The Madras Dyslexia Association was set up in 1992 as a non profit organization with the objective of assisting children with Dyslexia through special teaching methods. They work extensively with dyslexic children right from an initial assessment to taking them through their academic stream with specially set up training methods. They also work closely with several schools across Tamil Nadu in this process.


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