Problems faced by train passenger’s at Central station need attention

Photo By Elwyn

People who are in front of Chennai Central railway station hardly manages to catch the train. The main problem facing by the traveller is that their cab gets stuck in the middle of the road in front of Chennai railway station over 30 minutes.

The heavy luggage they carried off preventing them from walking the distance. Vehicles coming off there had piled up on the bridge near railway station because of traffic jamming.

During the peak hours many vehicles pile up of on the stretch leading to the Central station from Anna salai and EVR.

Most of the people spend anxious moments before reached up the railway station. This has been the same situation for the public for a decade now.

Due to the traffic jam commuters seldom get down from the city buses in the middle of the bridge and literally sprint to the station to catch sub urban trains.

The traffic police men here stand off remain mute spectators and continue this almost every day.

Commuters who take skip the subway and cross the stretch on foot from MRTS station or Park station.

What actually saves their day is vehicle’s moving at a snail’s pace on the road between Victoria hall and Rajiv Gandhi government hospital.

Auto rickshaws and call taxis are parked near the subways , illegally worsens the traffic congestion.

The government should take necessary steps to overcome this crucial stranding says most of the train commuters.

News By – R.Harikrishnan


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