Regional Conference on Safety Management in Industries


Chennai 28th Feb 2019.The corporate sector should always focus on emergency management activities rather than the present involvement in post emergency and the resultant calamity situations, said Sunil Palliwal, Secretary, Labour & Employment, Government of Tamil Nadu. He was inaugurating the regional conference on `Safety management in industries and ports, HWM, safe storage, transportation and warehousing of hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons’, organised by FICCI, DGFASLI, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu. Stressing on the need to be more focused on prevention, preparedness and mitigation initiatives at all levels of the safety link, he said the conferences organised by FICCI had the capacity to help the chemical, petroleum, oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cement and engineering industry, ports and dockyards in the country in terms of imparting knowledge based on the best global practices on environment, safety, transportation of hazardous materials, storages and health management.

Addressing the technocrats, industrialists, state and Central Government officials engaged in industrial safety activities, Avneesh Singh, Director General, Factory Advice Service & Labour Institutes (DGFASLI), Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India wanted a proper mechanism to carry out periodic safety audits, environmental audits and other safety studies like risk analysis, HAZOP studies, preparation of on-site/off-site emergency plan, health and safety policy, safety report, environment statement etc. K Manoharan, Director, Directorate of Industrial Safety & Health (DISH), Government of Tamil Nadu, said, “The conference also focuses on a very important area of transportation of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas through pipelines which is expected to grow exponentially in the near future in the country.” Kavitha Dutt, Joint Managing Director, KCP Group and Chairperson, FICCI Tamil Nadu State Council, said medical preparedness should be strengthened in industries in the form of respective antidotes as per their manufacturing processes for a better response.

Earlier, M A Patil, Senior Director, FICCI, spoke on the significance of the SMI-Chennai-Conference in the context of operation, maintenance and setting up of any new chemical or hazardous industry in the country .He said FICCI had showed its proactive efforts in more than 35 international and national conferences to educate and sensitize the industries to be more safer and protective in all aspects. He further emphasized the need for capacity development, including dedicated manpower and infrastructure development, for mitigation and better preparedness at all levels when it came to the use of effective safety and emergency management in the industries across the spectrum.


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