The “King of All High Speed Fans” – Celebrating 20+ years of Crompton Highspeed!


With a legacy of innovation, durability and trust amongst its consumers along with being the No. 1 market leader in the ceiling fans category in Tamil Nadu, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. brings a new communication and packaging innovation to its most significant range of ceiling fans – Crompton Highspeed Fans.Titled “Adhi Vega Katrin Mannan”, Crompton Highspeed is celebrating 20+ years of being a stronghold in Tamil Nadu. Having sold 1 crore fans nationally since the last 4 years in the market, the brand has become the largest selling model, thereby, cementing its position as the most preferred choice of air comfort for every household in the state.

Consumers are bracing up for the summer season that is packed with intense and dry heat as the temperature gradually increases. With the onset of the summers comes the change of clothes from warm to light, a switch from hot soups to cold buttermilk and tender coconut and the turning up of all the fans in the household. Moving beyond the superfluous advantages of a fan, the ultimate desire is to get the maximum amount of comfort to survive the heat. While fans are considered to be one of the saving graces in the Indian homes, many times we look at how fast a fan can rotate in order to feel cool. However, it’s not just the rotation of the blades but also the ultimate volume and speed of air delivered to the person that leads to the resulting comfort and coolness. Therefore Crompton Highspeed,with more than 20 years of experiencein flawless delivery along with a strong legacy of tech innovation, has engineered its Highspeed Fans to give both best-in-class “Speed” as well as “Air Delivery” to its consumers.

The king of all high-speed fans – Crompton Highspeed Fans focuses on more than just the high RPM of a fan (Rotation Per Minute or speed of rotation of the fan that gives comfort) and emphasizes on the CMM (Cubic Metres per Minute). This is the volume of air pushed out by a fan per minute or the measures of the Speed of Air that is pushed out. The Crompton Highspeed Fan has a high RPM of 370 as well as a high Air Delivery of 230 CMM, offering a much superior performance than any other fan. With a 2 PC construction and an aluminum body, this fan is the champion of durability, high-quality and trust backed by a track record having sold over 1 crore units.

An award-winning power saving fan, having won the National Energy Consumer Awards (NECA) for its “Energy Efficient Variant” – HighSpeed Plus, Crompton’s Highspeed delivers not only a high speed of rotation but also the best-in-class “Air Delivery” and “Air Comfort” more than any other fan ensuring comfort and ease. The fan comes with an array of colors like Ivory, White and Brown and its price ranges from Rs. 1800-1900.

Speaking about its company legacy in fans, Mr. Rangarajan Sriram, Vice President, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd said, “Crompton Highspeed has been the established No. 1 Fan brand in the Tamil Nadu market holding a 20+ year legacyin understanding the consumer needs and blending it with the core properties of our products. Fans are a big relief in the heat and are considered to be one of the most useful appliances since they make our lives more comfortable in the midst of the summers. Tamil Nadu has been our key market for a very long time and it makes us very happy to see that Highspeed has continued to be a trusted and loved product among all our Tamil consumers. We appreciate the faith that our consumers and traders have placed in the brand for so many years and hope to continue serving expert and engineered solutions in the future as well.”

 The product is available across the market of Tamil Nadu through various trade outlets as well as ecommerce platforms of Amazon and Flipkart.


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