To Achieve Greatness in Sports keeping Healthy is very Essential


The Annual Sports Day of Nazareth College of Arts & Science took place on 11th March 2019. It was an absolutely beautiful day which added to the enjoyment of this spectacular event. We had a huge range of events ranging from March past, Hoops drill, pyramid and some track events. Prof. Dr.George Abraham, Principal, YMCA College of Physical Education, was the chief guest for the sports day. Dr.George is a strong academician with over 18th years of teaching and research and a recipient of many awards both in academics and sports both National and International to his credit.

Dr. George in his speech said that if you want success and want to achieve something truly great in sports keeping the body healthy is very essential. He further added that Dedication and the spirit to excel are necessary if one has to achieve something in life. Mr. Kirubanath, Physical Director planned then entire event in a grand manner. Mr. A. N. Henry Maris, Secretary, of the College and Dr. Mary Angeline, College Principal, honored the chief guest.The overall championship was won by the Department of Business Administration. In men side individual championship was taken by Mr. Kishoth, BBA and department. In Women side individual championship was taken by Ms. Esther faith, BBA and department. The entire sports day was anchored by the students.


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