VILLAGE TICKET 2.0, presented by Brand Avatar and Grand Catering Company, was inaugurated in a grand manner befitting the event, in Sathyabama Institute today.  This “Namma Ooru Festival” not only offers the above but is also to recognize the 3 pillars of our Village life – the farmers who have created positive impact through traditional farming methods, the artists who have treasured the traditional art forms of the village and the cooks who have passionately retained the diverse spice and taste of the village food.  It is a sad fact that this set of people striving hard in the background just do not get the recognition they richly deserve and this is an attempt towards appreciating their contribution to our lives.Speaking on the occasion, Mr Hemachandran, CEO Brand Avatar, mentioned the fact that the Village has been brought to the City – in a sprawling area in OMR, the entire village has been recreated.

While the culinary attractions like 3 special meals prepared with motherly care by the 32 cooks brought in from as many districts, special attraction of this edition is the one-acre farmland with, can you believe, a village well and the pump set, where one can try his hand at tilling, sowing, and any other farming activity of his choice.  Imagine trying your hand at farming in a posh commercial area like the OMR!  More, Senganthal Farm is also bringing their native livestock to the venue – cattle, horse, dogs, and what have you.  He also mentioned that the agenda includes inter-college village festival and Kids village Competitions to bring in an element of sportive challenge to the young visitors.

Nalla Keerai fame Mr Jagannanthan is also bringing to the Festival “Nalla Santhai” to offer genuine organic food items, including rice, millets, marachekku oil, cold pressed oil, jaggery, honey, spices and pulses, wooden toys, mud products, hand made cosmetics and more!  What more, these are being offered directly by about 100 farmers from the Villages in over 80 stalls. All in all, a visit to Village Festival 2.0 is bound to give you a fulfilling and satiating experience – not only will your stomach be full but you will also feel that you have been part of the team which has had its hand in recognizing the village teams, an opportunity we cityfolks may or may not have had!!